2 Similar Strangers

Project Background - With Miami holding the unfortunate distinction of leading the nation in HIV infection rates, the Two Similar Strangers project was launched.

Project Objectives - The project had two main goals: to bring together the arts and education in producing a quality film, and to use the expertise of executive producer David Frankel (famed Hollywood director) and On the Move Production's Alex Moreno to educate the film crew and peer leaders.

People Involved- On the Move Productions teamed up with famed director David Frankel (as they did in 2002 for a project spearheaded by Scenarios USA) , Urgent Inc. and the University of Miami's Film School.

"It was great to see the youth really experience the back scenes and all it takes to develop their own raw idea into a quality film"- Gena Barr, Health Educator, University of Miami.

"To tackle the problem of HIV/AIDS, we, as a community, have to start to have the conversation"- Senator Rene Garcia.

After watching Two Similar Strangers do you... ?
Check all that apply.


Keepin It Reel

Project Background - A behind the scenes project was developed to highlight the efforts of peer leaders to have their ideas produced into a film. 

Project Objectives -  Provide On the Move Productions with a tangible tool to educate the community (and possible future funders-LOL) on these important projects.

People Involved- Youth leaders from Urgent Inc's Rites of Passage Program, the University of Miami P2P staff, Senator Rene Garcia, David Frankel and On the Move Productions.


"To talk to your own parents about sexuality issues is kind of awkward"- Samantha Berry- Peer Leader

"Other kids won't listen to elder people, but can easily relate to each other"


Project Background - Singer/songwriter, Diane Ward, wanted to involve her music community to assist with a leadership project.

Project Objectives - To develop a song to raise funds for the Riccardia Children's Program.

People Involved- Over 40 South Florida musicians (with solos from John Good, Mathew Sabatella etc.) recorded the song, with On the Move Production developing the music video.


" The song speaks about all the love, the outrage and the compassion, when one is faced with something of this magnitude"- Diane Ward, songwriter- The Gift


"Kids today have no context to the disease of HIV, maybe an MTV-style video will attract them to be aware of what's going on"- Alex Moreno, Producer of The Gift music video.